HCGC Annodata B vs Ryde Golf Club

Five go to the Isle Wight

The Annodata B team played their match away to Ryde Golf Club on Sunday 05th May.

An early start and with two cars loaded with clubs and the cream of Club we started our epic journey to play one of the toughest away fixtures on the circuit. Southampton Marathon avoided, all aboard the 10:00 cruise from Southampton and 1 hour later our Isle of Wight ‘virgin’ was on foreign soil.

First off Simon Watson, says he’s a ‘Postman!’. Solid down the first and only ever travels with 4 golf balls because he never loses them! lost three balls on the front nine and had to borrow balls half way round because he only had one left. Still came up trumps though and delivered a winning start for the team. Won 2 and 1.

Second off Pat Bond, must have been a ‘hobbit’ in a past life, had first breakfast on the cruise ship and a second at Ryde. Battled hard in probably the best match of the day, up one minute, down the next with a difficult opportunity to close it out on the last. A draw.

Third off Adam Norris. We’re now moving in to the engine room of the team. Unfortunately, Adam found himself drawn against someone who liked to talk and apparently wouldn’t shut up all the way round. Lost 5 and 4.

Fourth off John Bentley. Won the first and continued hitting solid shot after shot from challenging lies. Unfortunately, as it turned out their strongest player also went off fourth and was in inspired form. Lost 6 and 5.

Last off Malcolm Smith. Off last against their lowest handicap who could hit the ball a country mile! Expectations were high that on this tight, entertaining course (Ryde’s words!) with lots of out of bounds Malcolm’s quality and experience would carry him through. Lady luck didn’t turn up. Lost 3 and 4.

Ryde Golf Club were very hospitable, however, after a long day and a disappointing result (3.5 -1.5) it was an early ferry home. The IOW must have more lycra clad cyclists than is healthy!

‘What goes on tour stays on tour’.

John Bentley

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