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Following last week’s explanation of Course & Bogey Rating, we are moving straight into another important area for the World Handicap System (WHS), which is Slope Rating. Many golfers have heard of Slope Rating before, but aren’t entirely sure what is it. Don’t worry, because we have you covered in this week’s WHS newsletter!

Slope Rating is the number which indicates the relative playing difficulty of a course for Bogey Golfers, compared to Scratch Golfers, and is the difficulty comparison between these golfers from the same set of tees. In simple terms, it is the combination of the Course Rating and the Bogey Rating, which allows us to calculate the Slope Rating of a set of tees. Please do refer back to last week’s newsletter for a reminder about Scratch & Bogey Golfers.

The use of Slope allows a player’s Handicap Index to be portable from course to course and country to country. It also enables acceptable scores from any rated golf course in the world to be submitted for a player’s handicap purposes.

Each set of tees will have a Slope Rating value between 55 and 155. Essentially, the higher the Slope Rating, the more additional strokes a Bogey Golfer will need to be able to play it. The lower the Slope Rating, the less strokes a Bogey Golfer will require.

Hopefully, this provides you with a good understanding as to how Slope Ratings are created, how it affects golfers, and why it is important for the WHS.

If you have any questions please talk with any member of the Match & Handicap Committee

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